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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
Welcome to iiCon

iiCon provides Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions and consultancy services, which enable organisation to more efficiently manage the flow of information, resulting in significant cost savings. Since 1990, over 180 ECM solutions have been successfully installed across a range of both public sector and private clients, ranging from small private companies through to large FTSE 100 organisations.

iiConnect Case Manager is a unique proposition which allows businesses to streamline front and back office operations, enhance customer service, improve management control and maintain comprehensive compliance and audit records. Integral to iiConnect are a digital mailroom, document routing, document management, case management and workflow automation.

iiConnect is available ‘off the shelf’ and is quickly configured to your specification eliminating lengthy and costly design, development and implementation – we get you up and running quickly.

Further information about iiConnect and other products.